Planning The Future
Designing Your Vision
Our team has led the strategic planning and physical layout for development of Airport Layout Plan sets for over 30 airports in the State of Georgia.  These plans include an inventory of the airport’s facilities, forecast of aeronautical demands, demand/capacity analysis and facility requirements for the planning period. These efforts also included the consideration of alternative layouts and ways to both drive and meet future demand.
Our Team has extensive experience preparing construction documents for aviation projects that comply with all FAA Advisory Circulars and Regulations, as well as GDOT Aviation Program specifications and procedures. Our experience with over 500 prior projects allow us to  create cost effective approaches that allow you to fully realize your airports potential.
Constructing Progress
Understanding Your Needs
We will be on site during every stage of construction to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget, also taking advantage of our long-standing relationships with specialty services providers to promote efficient completion of your projects
Our relationship with you is driven by our time invested in your community, This allows us to gain a unique understanding of your needs and vision. We listen to your concerns and help you formulate a path to that is both aggresive and achievable. We are here to use our expertise to execute your goals.
Securing Project Funding
Airport Promotion and Community Outreach
Successfully funding projects is a essential part of airport growth. Lead Edge team members have successfully submitted applications for over 50 general aviation airports in Georgia. Securing over $200 million in planning, engineering and construction project funding. We will identify traditional and non-traditional sources of funding sources unique to your airport and community.
We can help you clearly communicate how the airport makes a significant contribution to the local economy by collaborating effectively with local government officials, airport users and the local community to promote the benefits of the airport.
Successful airport promotion at open house events as well as Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club and School Group events allow public to gain a positive association with the airport.
Capabilities and Strengths

Our Team has experience including over 500 airport planning and design projects at over 50 airports throughout Georgia

• Airport Planning
• Airport Design
• Airport Lighting
• Airport Marking
• Airport Security
• Apron Improvements
• Capacity Studies
• Cost Estimating
• Construction Management
• Economic Impact Analysis
• Environmental Assessments
• Fee Reviews
• Fire Protection
• Fuel Farm Design
• Funding Identification
• Grant Administration
• Hangar Development
• Land Acquisition
• Lease Rate Analysis
• NAVAID Design
• Pavement Design
• Pavement Evaluation
• Pavement Rehabilitation
• Permitting
• Roadways and Parking
• Runway Extensions and Improvements
• Site Development
• Taxiway Construction
• Terminal Building Development
• Utility Design